Fruit powder and apple powder: in kitchen or make-up bag?

What can be made from an apple?

Fruit Powder
Fruit Powder

Fruit powder, like apple powder, is widely used not only in cooking but also in cosmetology.

The preserving apples include regular canning, freezing, and drying with solar dehydration or modern food dehydrators.

Apples are very wholesome fruits that are full of vitamins. You can find it in any country you go to. There are around 7500 known cultivars of apples! There is probably no single person in this world who did not try this fantastic fruit. You can make fruit powder in a food dehydrator.

You can find thousands of recipes about how to cook apples. All apple parts can be eaten (including the skin!). So, apples are consumed in all possible ways: raw in salads, juices, baked in cakes and pies (for example, famous American Pie), cooked like sauces, toffee apples, candy apples, etc.

Seemingly there is no way to wonder internet readers. But we are going to! And here we are with another food saver idea—Fruit powder!

Apples in history 

Apples appear in many religious traditions, often mystical or forbidden fruit. 

For instance, in Greek mythology, the Greek hero Heracles, as a part of his Twelve Labours, was required to travel to the Garden of the Hesperides and pick the golden apples of the Tree of Life growing at its center.

In Adam and Eve’s story, the apple became a symbol for knowledge, immortality, temptation, the fall of man into sin, and sin itself. The larynx is the human throat, called the “Adam’s apple” because of a notion that the forbidden fruit caused it. I was remaining in the throat of Adam

Fruit Powder
Fruit Powder

Where to use apple powder?

Apple powder is something new in the world of dehydrating! Just because you can use it not only for cooking but also for your skincare. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Apple powder
Apple powder

Apple powder for cooking

The list of suggested uses is long, but you can always experiment and create your recipes! 

So, what we can do with apple powder

  • you can dust your ice cream with it
  • sprinkle it on cakes and muffins
  • add some to plain yogurt to make it sweet
  • or you can add it to your oatmeal
  • use to rim the glass with your favorite drink

 Apple powder for self-care

More and more people find fruit powder beneficial for face and body care—cosmetic brands are adding fruit powders to their products.

The rich multicomponent composition of apple powder determines its high cosmetic and biological value.

Cosmetic properties:

  • moistens skin;
  • enriches the skin with all necessary vitamins and gently exfoliates it;
  • slows down skin aging and stimulates regeneration;
  • gives hair shine and makes brushing easier.

Recommendation on how to use apple powder:

You can dissolve it in water or add it as a powder to masks and wraps for hair, face, and body.

If you add this to your cosmetics cream, it should be 1-20% by weight. For masks and scrubs, it’s 1-100%, and Toners and lotions – 1-10%.

Fruit Powder
Fruit Powder

How to prepare apple powder at home?

  1. Wash apples and cut them into thin pieces.
  2. Put on the stainless-steel mesh strainer or tray of your dehydrator. We used Magic Mill Food Dehydrator. 
  3. Recommended using silicone mesh to cover the tray.
  4. Put into your dehydrator (check time and temperature in manual of your dehydrator)
  5. When apples become dry, cool them and blend.

Apple powder contains sugar, so your powder may clump. You can break up the clumps with a spoon.

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Here is a tip!

Recommended making apple powder in small portions. As we mentioned already, it cakes pretty quickly because of the sugar content, so it’s best to do it in small doses and store just a bit.

Stay healthy and beautiful! Your body is a temple, so feed it with the best products and take care of it!

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