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Why should we dehydrate food? — Solar Free Food Dehydrators

Food solar dehydrators have been used since ancient times when the question arose of preserving food for a long time. Modern society promotes concoction right livelihood. More and more people encourage mindful living and eating. The myths that you hear about healthy eating are pretty old. Healthy snack it’s not only celery and cucumber.

food dehydrator
food dehydrator

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Our ancestors used to dry vegetables and fruits with food solar dehydrators, which occupied a really large space and the process of drying was pretty long. Later, people invented an industrial dehydrator, which was pretty fast but still very big. Food Dehydrator  VIVOHOME Electric 400W is very compact for comparison. That compact, that you can have in your kitchen.

Food Dehydrator

Food saver ideas — For food dehydrators

Dry fruits
Dry fruits

Nowadays, it’s easy to have some bars made from dried fruits, which are still delicious but also wholesome. Besides, it’s effortless to prepare it on your own. And not only bars. Dehydrating cherries? Okay. Dehydrating strawberries? Easy! Add them to your oatmeal, and you have a perfect breakfast.

Fruits and vegetables are full of fiber which absorbs into your body, helps to remove toxins out. Dry fruits and vegetables are also good for people who suffer from allergies. In addition, it’s a perfect food saver idea!

What to cook if you have a food dehydrator near me

“So how can I prepare it?” you will think. What if we will say that a device that removes moisture from food to aid in its preservation exists? Elechomes Food Dehydrator UH0401.

Horizontal Food Dehydrator
Horizontal Food Dehydrator

You can reach the next level if you make vegetable powder, which you can use for quick preparing soup. Or apple powder for a perfect cake? With a food dehydrator at home, you can easily prepare freeze-dried fruit powder. So, food dehydrators have different temperature charts? Exactly! This is not a food solar dehydrator, you set the temperature!

So, food dehydrators have different temperature charts? Exactly!

How to choose Food Dehydrator
Food Dehydrator Details

Types of food dehydrators

There are also different types of dehydrators.

Dehydrators with pull-out shelves have a large fan in the back that circulates the air better and more evenly, which results in more consistent results. Dehydrators with pull-out shelves are typically made of more solid materials to better control the temperature.

Why better not use the oven or solar dehydrator?

A lot of people think it’s easy to dry food in the oven. Let’s think: the lowest oven temperature is 167 °F (75 °C). The Excalibur Dehydrator is manually healable to 105 °F (ca. 41 °C), for example. Which keeps all food’s benefits?

Why better not use the oven or food solar dehydrator?

We still can use food solar dehydrators, but who will defend against insects? Is there someone who wants to find ant-it-dried spinach?
Did you ever think that you can prepare dehydrated chicken? So, that means you can do even more than just dehydrating celery!

Vertical dehydrator
Vertical Food Dehydrator

Can I food dehydrate cheese?

You have a very wide variety. Just ask if you can dehydrate cheese? And the answer is YES! Here’s a tip: Cheese is high-fat content food that tends to go rancid much more quickly, and shouldn’t be used for long-term storage.

Benefits of using dehydrators

Dehydrators are also very cost-effective eventually. They allow you to buy produce in bulk, especially when it is in season or on sale and store it to use later on. They’re also a great tool for gardeners who often have a surplus of ingredients on hand.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

Best Food Dehydrator

Grab a recipe for your inspiration!

Yummy fruit leather                        

Fruit Leather Preparing time: 10 minutes 

Cook time: 4 hours Fruit Leather

Serving: 4 person 


  • 2 cups (0.47 l) fresh fruit (any, whichever you prefer);
  • 3 tablespoons white sugar
  • ½ lemon (juiced)


  1. Blend chosen fruits, add sugar and lemon (should become well blended and smooth)
  2. Spread mixture evenly across the dehydrator tray (silicone mat!)
  3. Cover with lid and set the dehydrator to 140 °F (ca. 60 °C)
  4. Leave for 4 hours and read some books or watch your favorite series
  5. Cut into portions and roll in parchment paper to keep in the fridge.   


DEHYDRATOR! Strawberry Fruit Roll-Up

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