Beverage refrigerator WIE Wine Cooler

Beverage refrigerator-What, is it needed for?

The best weekend – a weekend spent with close people. And especially if you have a bottle of good wine to share with your friends. To store wine is much easier if you have a beverage refrigerator in your kitchen. You will ask, “Why can’t I store wine in a regular refrigerator?” The regular fridge has privileges. We have been using it for storing our usual food. But the world is changing and developing every day, and people have many benefits at this point.

For example, before, we should have kept the wine and wine cooler drinks only in the exceptional cellar. Which was very hard for people who can’t have it for some reason. But what should people who live in a small apartment do? The solution is a beverage refrigerator.

Beverage refrigerator
Beverage refrigerator

What is the difference between a beverage refrigerator and a regular refrigerator?

Wine cooler drinks
A wine cooler is also suitable for small rooms

We all know our old friend’s fridge. It’s the best way to store food, vegetables, and fruits. It’s impossible to find a home that doesn’t have at least one refrigerator. But still, it is not multi-use. The point is that storing in the fridge is about fantastic products fast and keeps the same temperature. Wine cooler drinks need some special conditions. For example, did you ever think that beverage refrigerators have different temperature charts? The regular fridge is working to cool food fast and keep it cold, so it does not spoil. So, the temperature chart of the refrigerator is +/- 104 F degrees. Wine more fantastic drinks will not waste with this temperature but certainly can lose original taste. For storage wine, the recommended temperature is below 46 F degrees. The worst thing is that the smells from the fridge can seep into the bottle also. Suppose you open wine once and keep it in the refrigerator too long.

The second thing is that wine cork should stay wet. The fridges have only vertical space for high storage bottles. The pin in this position of the bottle can get dry. And it’s not that “dry,” which will let your wine pour from the bottle. But that which let air sneak inside and disturb wine aging.

WIE Wine Cooler-How, do I choose a wine cooler?

Beverage refrigerator
Store bottles both horizontally and vertically

There are a lot of beverage refrigerators, but one of the best is the WIE wine cooler. The cooler is equipped with a digital touch display and control buttons. Which are easy to push and all information about temperature you can see on displays. Wine cooler drinks need not only the right temperature but also the right light. This beverage refrigerators model has dual-pane smoke glass doors. Which has reflective glass and protects wine more fantastic drinks from warm and light. Besides, the glass is UV-resistant. And from inside, the beverage refrigerator emits a soft blue light.

The powerful compressor of the WIE Wine Cooler keeps temperature — 41F- 64 F(5 C- 18 C) inside the fridge, which makes perfect conditions for storing wine. The shelves in the cooler are adjustable so that you can arrange them depending on bottle sizes. Also, you can store opened bottles upright or adapt frames into a wine rack to keep glasses. But without any changes inside, you still can keep 28 regular bottles. In this line of wine coolers, there are more budget models for 18 bottles of wine.WIE Wine Cooler has one more exciting option: it defrosts automatically, making wine preservation much better.

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Technical Details WIE Wine Cooler 

Technical DetailsTechnical Description
Key Features Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel, Glass-Aluminum Oxide, 5– 18 ºC/ 41-64ºF, 59.9 pounds, 28 bottles, 120 Volts (AC), 95 watts, 16.9 x 17.7 x 33.1 inches, 5.74 Cubic Feet
Material Tempered Glass, Stainless Steel, Glass-Aluminum Oxide
Color Black
Coiling temperature 5– 18 ºC/ 41-64ºF
Item Weight 59.9 pounds
Capacity 28 bottles
Voltage 120 Volts (AC)
Wattage 95 watts
Dimensions 16.9 x 17.7 x 33.1 inches
Refrigerator Fresh Food Capacity 5.74 Cubic Feet

WIE wine cooler 18 bottles 

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