Dried fruits recipes ideas with Food Dehydrator

Dried fruits recipes the secret is like food healthier

Create the best-dried fruits recipes in your kitchen with a food dehydrator. With the Food Dehydrator, you can easily create your dried fruits recipes, seasonings for soups, vegetables, and fruit powders.

Do you know what the good of dried fruits is? The fruits reduce in size during the drying process while preserving most of their health benefits. Moreover, even increase their number in food healthy. Thus, you obtain an alternative concentrated source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Furthermore, such fruits are stored much longer and need less space than fresh ones.

Dried fruits recipes&vegetable
Dried fruits recipes & vegetable

Without any doubt, you can consider dried fruits as healthier food. Their benefits are known at all times, and the product is used not only in cooking but also in various wellness diets. Today, when a healthy lifestyle has become a long-term trend, dried fruits have become especially popular in food healthier. Athletes and proper nutrition lovers actively add them to their diet, making it more diverse and nutritious. By the way, a package of dried apricots that are rich in Ca, K, and P vitamins or full of dried cherries will easily fit in your purse or pocket. And it will not spoil or ruin during the day. A simple and wholesome snack, isn’t it?

Dried fruits recipes apricots
Dried fruits recipes apricots

 Dried fruits recipes as food healthier

However, there is a disadvantage. In commercial production, dried fruit recipes are prepared with various preservatives to maintain the brightness of color, gloss, etc. Nevertheless, there is nothing easier than to dry your favorite fruit yourself with healthier food! 

Dehydrating food has been a part of human culture since ancient times. To extend the harvest’s shelf life, people spread food on the vast trays or tables under direct sun. The result comes in a few days. In south countries with long periods of hot sun, people still use sun drying or solar dehydrators. Yet, this method is not available for cold climates and places with bad ecology. Because the drying food can become galvanized or spoil before being dried. 

Dried food
Can dehydrate any food with a food dehydrator

Indeed, you can try drying the food for a few days naturally of solar drying. However, if you are time-limited and don’t have a country plot, use a home method of food healthier drying and dehydrating. You can use your oven, microwave, or instant pots to dehydrate food. Still and all, the best result of dehydration is only with a particular device, as Magic Mill dehydrator, for example. The dehydrator saves all nutrients and enzymes by using the right temperature conditions for different fruits or vegetables. Thus, you can ensure that dehydrated food is as healthy as raw ones.

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Horizontal dehydrator dried fruits recipes
Horizontal dehydrator dried fruits recipes.

How does the food dehydrator work

The much easier and faster way of food drying is using electric dehydrators that unite remove the inner moisture. The heating element raises the temperature inside the machine. The fan evenly circulates the heat and eliminates the water, while the trays hold the food healthier you wish to dehydrate. Smaller than industrial dehydrators and less noisy, they are easy to place in your kitchen space dried fruit recipes.

Stainless steel dehydrator
Dehydrator horizontal stainless steel

By the way, in such a machine, you can dry fruits or vegetables and mushrooms and various herbs and flowers. It could be an exceptional homemade flavoring for tea or a meal. The possibilities of cooking in a dehydrator are endless. In a dehydrator dryer, you can also dry sprouted cereals or prepare original meat or fish jerky, granola, fruit leather, and yogurts.

Types of dehydrators and their advantages

Today, the market presents a wide choice of kitchen appliances of different sizes and capabilities. From a simple dryer to a multifunctional oven, you can choose your best kitchen assistant, depending on your preferences. Want to look at the people’s choice, look at Best food dryers rate.

Best Food Dehydrator Reviews (2021 Buyers Guide)


There are two main types of food dehydrators: horizontal and vertical, depending on warm airflow formation and direction. The arrangement of the food healthier trays depends on the same.

Vertical dehydrator

The main feature of the vertical device is the heating element located at the bottom. The food drying trays place above each other. Most models are made of transparent plastic cases and trays. Here, you should beware of cheap plastic and look for BPA-free models.

Food Dehydrator
How to dehydrate food


  • compact
  • ability to increase the volume of products and the speed of the process with extra trays
  • low cost


  • there is a risk of clogging the fan up
  • the flavors of the products are mixed because the airflow goes from top to bottom
  • the tray with something like fruit leather can interrupt the air flows and will prevent uniform blowing
  • there is no ability to cook large pieces of food or to put jars on trays

Horizontal dehydrator

The horizontal structure has a fan on the rear panel and flat loading trays, and they are similar to the oven. A transparent door in most models helps to observe the drying process better.

SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator
SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator


  • uniform blowing
  • monitoring of the process and opportunity of pulling out the tray indiscriminately
  • possibility to cook large pieces or put jars on trays
  • most horizontal models are made of stainless steel
  •  variable configuration


  • high price
  • no option to install additional trays
  • large size

Besides, there are two ways of food drying: dehydrating and freeze dehydrating; dehydrating removes 85 to 95% of the moisture in whatever, and Freeze-drying removes up to 99%. That means freeze-dried food lasts longer and is lighter than dehydrated food, but it is also costlier to produce.

Freeze-drying works by lowering the temperature inside a vacuum-sealed chamber. Then the temperature rises until the moisture in the food changes to a gas. A freeze-dryer typically costs anywhere from $2,000 to $6,000. Also, the size of such items as Harvest Right ones seems disparate to its capacity.

6 Things To Focus On

Horizontal / Verticalfood dehydrators
Food Dehydrator-Drying


If you want a lot of food to dehydrate, a larger-capacity model can save you time, also taking more place. The smaller machines work better for small kitchens, and such units fit beginners who want to try dehydrating and see if it is suitable.

Temperature Control:

 Different food needs different temperature modes. Inaccurate or no control means drying at the higher temperature range. It is not suitable if you want optimal nutrients, aroma, and essential preservation in your food. Also, look for a safe model with overheat protection that will activate if the dehydrator overheats.

Noise and Heat Levels:

Be ready that models with a fan can be noisier as you think and can warm up the place. Consider using it in an area where noise and heat will not matter. 

Consistent drying:

For evenly drying, more space is better. Due to this, dehydrating a batch of food, look for a model with more trays, and it will let you space out your food as much as possible.

Meat and Fish Preservation:

Because meat or fish spoils much faster than vegetables, it is necessary to preserve it safely. If jerky-making is high on your list of priorities, make sure the machine of your choice fits for the purpose.

So, Why To Dehydrate Food?

Horizontal dehydrator

Were you an athlete, vegan, farmer, or healthy food enthusiast, there are evident advantages of food dehydrator for you:

  • It is an excellent alternative to preserve food, keeping its nutritional value safe.
  • This is organic food preservation.
  • Homemade dried fruits, vegetable, snacks, etc., is more wholesome and cheaper than shop-bought items.
  •  It is a budget-friendly storage method because you can stock seasonal fruits and vegetables when their price is lower.
  • This way to store home-grown fruits and vegetables allows you to preserve your harvest right and keep it fresh for years.
  • Make original snacks and jerky for camping and backpacking and long- or short-term emergency storage.
  • Can store dried products in any dry and cool place.
  • Possibility to realize a variety of original dried fruit recipes, whatever you want, whenever you want.
Drying fruit under the sun
The natural way of drying

As you see, dehydrating is an easy way of preserving a different kind of food without reducing its hale. The food dehydrator can become the best appliance in your kitchen that keeps your food healthier and cooking fun. The different types of models come with their advantages and disadvantages, and the whole variety allows making an optimal choice according to personal preferences and frequency of use.

Product Review of Elechomes Food Dehydrator

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

Are you ready to start dehydrating? Visit our food dryer overview page for more information on electric food and jerky dehydrators and dryers of different types.

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