Vertical Dehydrator

Dehydrator Food Elechomes UH0401

Food Dehydrator Possibilities 

Elechomes food dehydrator is a vertical type. The device can help you keep your daily diet high and high. The model is perfect for DIYers who love healthy food. Want to realize original recipes of snacks like beef jerky, fruit leather, or pet treats. This food and jerky dehydrator fit most consumer requirements. You can easily dehydrate your favorite herbs and create a spice mix for a variety of dishes. The dehydrator is great for dehydrating flowers to create a natural soap with your own hands.

Chips without oil
Healthy food

Setting the value upon comfort and simple maintenance, this kitchen helper does not have much space up. Thereby, it saves flavor and taste and leaves a toothsome texture. Therefore, while using Elechomes, expect healthy snacks for yourself and your family. Besides, you can make original organic treats for dogs and cats. Be sure all the meals are safe because of BPA-free materials.

Dehydrator Elechomes Equipment

Food Dehydrator
Dehydrator Food Elechomes

The device is designed with six stackable trays. Each of them has two adjustable heights, which allow the drying of various vegetables and meat at once. Also, transparent trays let you control the preservation process. Besides, the model goes with a digital thermostat to guarantee your safety and a time controller to prevent overdrying.

Temperature & Time Control

Elechomes food and jerky dehydrators imitate the natural air-drying process by using a vertical airflow to eliminate food moisture. That is a great opportunity to store it for a long period without preservatives and nutrition and taste loss.

The unit is easy to use, maintain, and clean at the same time. Recipes for beginners, mesh screen, manual, 18-month customer service, and a bonus fruit roll sheet are in the package. At the same time, its five-pound design is portable.

Food Dehydrator
Time & Temperature Control Overheat Protection

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Product informationparameters/characteristics of food dehydrator
Key Features 6 clear trays, 2 adjustable heights; temperature/time control
MaterialBPA Free AS+PP
Operating Modebutton
Wattage400 watts
Item Dimensions
11.6 x 11.4 x 10.9 inches
Size of traydiameter 260mm/10.2 inch, height: 27mm /1.0 inch (max)
Temperature 95°F- 158°F
Timer30 mins - 72 hours
Add1 x mesh screen, 1 x fruit roll sheet, user manual, worry-free 18-month maintain and friendly customer service

Dehydrator Elechomes UH0401

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

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