Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator - dehydrator manual and tips.

Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator – General Features

Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator – General Features

What is the best Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator for home use?

Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator is the ideal dehydration dryer for families with dried food needs. It has five trays, equaling 8 square feet (0.74 m²) of drying space, is the perfect space for preserving extras from the garden.

This model is equipped with a 5-Inch fan, a temperature controller from the thermostat that ranges from 105 °F (ca. 41 °C) to 165 degrees. And a 440 W motor. The body, door, and trays are durable material that does not break even under a truck’s wheels. All components are manufactured and assembled in the USA.

Excalibur 5 tray dehydrator
Home food dehydrator

Ventilation system and Excalibur dehydrator thermostat

System Excalibur dehydrator 5 trays thermostat and fan are located at the rear of the dehydrator. Cold air enters the back, where it heats up and is evenly distributed along with each tray. During drying, warm air comes out from the front of the dehydrator. The horizontal drying of this appliance ensures uniform drying without rearranging the trays. There is no need to change the order of the trays, and the heat is stored evenly. This way, the food dries faster and more economically.

For faster drying and preserving the value of products, the following thermostat values ​​are recommended.

Herbs95 F/35C
Living Food15 F/41C
Raising bread110 F/43C
Making Yogurt115 F/46C
Vegetables125 F/52 C
Fruits/Fruit Rolls135 F/57C
Meats/Fish155 F/68C
Jerky155 F/68C

Those who adhere to a raw food diet and monitor the safety of enzymes in food should set a thermostat at 104 °F (ca. 40 °C). When dry above 118 °F (ca. 48 °C), Enzymes are degraded.

Digital 5-Tray 48-Hour Timer Dehydrator

There are different models in the line according to Excalibur to the capacity of the trays. You can choose from your financial capabilities and dehydrated food needs.

Excalibur 5-tray dehydrator manual

Thanks to the square design Excalibur dehydrator 5 trays, you can quickly dry fruit puree or other liquid substances by placing them on special silicone sheets. The trays can be stowed away to accommodate bulky foods, large fish carcasses, and whole fruits, and flower bouquets for drying. It can also be dried fruit crafts, dough figurines, clay crafts, papier-mache, dried flower, and fruit wreaths.

Food dehydrator
Dehydrates vegetables, fruits, herbs, fruit rolls

It is not necessary to completely disassemble the dehydrator to check the degree of dryness of the food. Each tray has its own support. Easy to reach or insert the tray. This comes in handy when you need to get out thin slices that will dry out first. It will take a few seconds for the tray to check, during which the food does not cool down.

Features: Compact, convenient, and efficient. Low noise. Made from environmentally friendly materials. 

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Two ideas for using dehydrated strawberries

Dried strawberry tea
Strawberry flavor in tea

Fragrant tea and strawberry powder

How to dehydrate strawberries the dishes with this seasoning have slightly modified the strawberry flavor. Slice and place the strawberries on the wire mesh for approximately 1543 lbs (700 g). It would be best if you also had a citrus zest for this seasoning. Be sure to take grapefruit, lemon, and orange.

Pour boiling water over citrus fruits for about five minutes, then remove the zest with a knife. Place everything in a Food Dehydrator, Excalibur, and dry at 135 °F (ca. 57 °C). Grind all ingredients in a blender until powdery. That’s what the aroma will turn out to be, not to convey — sweetie. Put about half in a clean, dry jar and add a few tablespoons of tea, so it keeps longer. Mix well, and the fragrant tea additive is ready.

When you want a delicious aromatic hot drink, send 2 and 3 teaspoons of regular tea and about half a teaspoon of this additive to the teapot. Any tea, even not at all tasty, this seasoning saves. A pleasant bitterness appears, a slight astringency of sweetness, and of course, the aroma.

Strawberry powder
Dehydrated strawberries

Strawberry Powdered Salt

You can mix the strawberry powder with salt and add it to baked goods instead of regular salt. Add to marinades; even baked fish also has an exciting taste. Delicious sauces are obtained with such a seasoning. About two tablespoons of homemade ketchup, add some strawberry powder and salt to combine.

The meat with such a dressing is very unusual and tasty, and it is also suitable for potatoes. You can store it without salt and then add this seasoning in the filling for sweet pies. Decorate your baked goods beautifully on top of a cupcake or brownie. Add to yogurts and beautifully, and aromatic and tasty, try to cook.

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