Food Dehydrator Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding

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Food Dehydrator Possibilities

Where to store a large kitchen appliance — the age-old problem. Today, you would not stumble at buying a useful kitchen device that can ease your household. With The Food Dehydrator Brod & Taylor SAHARA Folding first world’s Folding Dehydrator, you have an answer to the question: where to keep a giant unit. The full-size SAHARA folds in seconds to 1/3 of its original size and can be moved away anywhere.

Food Dehydrator Brod & Taylor SAHARA
Dehydrates food

With this useful and such convenient appliance, the preservation of food became a joy. All the delights like dehydrated strawberry, dried apricots, fruit powder, veggie crisps, apple rings, jerked beef, and fruit leather. From edible flowers to drying sprouted grains for baking, the possibilities are endless. Dehydration intensifies the natural flavors of goods, and you got healthy and delicious food with no additives. Carry it all in your backpack or store it for times.

For those who have to preserve a lot during the harvest season, it is also the right kind of storage. You can store it anywhere instead of consuming a place at your counter year-round.

Dried pear
Dried pear

Food Dehydrator Equipment 

The Dehydrator SAHARA also has a pleasant design and features. The rectangular shape provides more of a profitable drying area. Over 1m2oven is made of high-quality material. So, drying shelves come in stainless steel or poly. It has space for a large amount of fruit, vegetables, or meat. For fruit leather, there are silicone mats in accessorizes. Speaking of design, the SAHARA got a high rating at the red dot award 2019 and GIA 2019.

beet chips
Beet chips-food-dehydrator

A highly efficient radial fan balances a mixture of fresh and recirculated air to enhance food drying and energy efficiency. Nonetheless, providing ultimate air circulation, it does not make much noise. The model is designed with a washable and reusable air filter that prevents the food dehydrator from contamination. Thus, be sure of the durability of the module and the safety of the meals.

Dual Time/Temperature System

The 700W heating system has plenty of power for the largest vegetables or high temperatures for drying meat. For better control, you can easily set two times and two temperatures. Dehydration each time can be set for up to 99 hours. For a total of 198 hours of continuous automated operation. Use a transparent glass door to watch the drying. The dual system controls the cooking process automatically. It runs at a higher temperature for fast initial drying, then switches to a lower temperature to maintain nutrients. During operation, it switches to low power or for lower temperatures when drying raw food.

Horizontal Food Dehydrator
Dehydrates food


Please put it in the special zipper case for shelf storage when it folds to one-third of its size. That means you can tuck the food dehydrator away when you’re done making your latest batch of jerky. 

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

Key Featuresolding/ dual time-temperature system/ dual heating system/ over 1 square meter of drying area/ quiet efficient radial fan
Materialstainless steel + poly
Operating Modebuttons
Wattage700 watts
120V for US 220-240 for EU
Item Dimensionsopen 22”w x 14”d x 11”h ,
closed 22”w x 12¼”d x 3¾”h
Temperature 85°F (30°C) to 165°F (200°C)
Add7 mesh strainer trays; zipper case for shelf storage; user manual

BEST SAHARA Folding Food Dehydrator REVIEW

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

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