Commercial Food Dehydrator Colzer 8 -Trays ST-06

Possibilities Commercial Food Dehydrator Colzer

Put together natural solar dehydration and high technologies. The commercial food dehydrator Colzer 8 Trays Machine is ready to make your cooking easier and boundless.

Commercial food dehydrator
Dehydrator large drying space, with 8-trays, each tray is 250×250 mm,

Using this elite dehydrator lets you realize many original recipes with such unique fruit and vegetable powder items. Let your meal play out in fresh flavors of dehydrated strawberry or dried herbs and flowers.

Commercial Food Dehydrator
Even drying

To preserve and last, you harvest availability right way using of food. Commercial food dehydrator Colzer 8 Trays will help to accept the ultimate decision. It will also be useful for families with children trying to keep the ratio wholesome and feed kids. With healthy snacks. It is also good to eliminate food waste if you have to buy and store food for future use.

 Technology — Digital temperatures 

A spacious and powerful machine, Colzer 8 Trays allows nobody to stay indifferent. The kitchen module horizontally is used. Two fan drying technologies remove moisture from the food through continuous circulation. Of constant temperature-controlled warm air, making the life of food healthier and longer.

Commercial Food Dehydrator
Digital temperatures preset 68ºF to 194ºF, integrated with a timer up to 24 hours, provide accurate drying times and temperatures

Performance and usability

The food, the jerky dehydrator, is an environmentally friendly device. Its large capacity of 8 trays provides enough space for the preservation of all kinds of food. In addition, the commercial food dehydrator Colzer 8 Trays is a professional jerky maker. Produces natural and healthy snacks by conserving all vitamins and enzymes.

commercial dehydrator systems
Food Dehydrator to dry various vegetables, fruits, meat, flowers


The small grid of the stainless-steel mesh strainer allows smaller pieces to be placed. The dehydrator sheet is safe and easy to clean.

Commercial food dehydrator Colzer with automatic shutdown function and overheating protection function. The built-in circulating air fan creates forced convection of hot air and provides uniform heating that heats all trays evenly. The countdown timer will show you the completion time, and it will automatically turn off when completed.

This dehydrator has a stainless-steel body and a full glass lid. So, you can monitor the progress of the dehydrator at any time. Let it do all the jobs for you. The countdown timer will show you the completion time, and it will automatically turn off when completed.

Product informationparameters/characteristics of food dehydrator
Key Features8 stainless steel trays/ 2 fans; digital timing/ countdown timer/ small grid of the trays, low noise level 50dB
Materialstainless steel + glass
Operating ModeLED display
Wattage800 watts
Item Dimensions420*315*450 mm
Size of tray12” wide x 13” long
Temperature68℉ to 194℉
Timer0-24 hours
Add67 recipes, user manual

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Food Dehydrator Colzer

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