Food Dehydrator-dryer Chvnty Machine FD-08DG-P110

Food Dehydrator-dryer Possibilities:

Dehydrator-dryer Chvnty Machine FD-08DG-P110 is an all-time food dehydrator for personal use. With a food-grade(BPA-free) stainless steel (not chrome coated) design, the large device is durable and eye-catching. It is a healthy, easy, and economical way to serve your family. With wholesome, homemade food that is high in nutrients but low in calories. Like delicious jerked beef, dried sweet potato sticks, banana chips, or dehydrated strawberries and cherries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and meats.

Food dehydration was probably more of a discovery than an invention.

Food Dehydrator-dryer
Food Dehydrator Machine

Even more, you can use it for making homemade organic spices. Like dehydrated hot peppers, dried celery, dehydrated onions, and other herbs and flowers. The suchlike flavor is more rich and concentrated than you bought.

Easy to use Food Dehydrator-dryer:

The food dehydrators-dryer is easy to use with its memory function and program with a very responsive touchscreen. Just cat the food into slices, place it on the trays, click power, set your temp and time. You can leave it last the time is over. The best can be in your kitchen.

Digital Thermostat & Timer:

Adjustable temperature control and specialized fan enable cooking delicious healthy food with an accurate temperature between 95º-167ºF. The heating elements are on the back of the device from a 360º. Hot-air circulation in the equipment making each tray heated evenly. Furthermore, its control panel has a shut-off timer such that you are out of danger of overheating.

What do you have?

You get a cookbook with 50 dehydrating recipes, which satisfy the needs of most people. This item has an ETL-approved design that is safe for use at home. It also saves you power as it dehydrates and takes up small counter space.

P.S. Currently, this model is not available on If you are seeking a food dehydrator, there are other options available upon request.

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