Food Dehydrator Machine NutriChef NCFD 10S


 Possibilities of Food Dehydrator Machin

Food Dehydrator Machin NutriChef NCFD 10S there will be no questions like storing bacon and dehydrated vegetables with the food and jerky foods dehydrator machine in use. The multi-tiered countertop dehydrator-dryer is suitable to preserve sorts of goods. Thus, you prevent the fruits, vegetables, or meat from spoilage and out throw. It can dry fruits in hours, not days, and not mix flavor whenever you dehydrate two or more foods.

  Digital Thermostat & Timer


The Food Dehydrator Machin, a 900 Watt dehydrator, works extremely well at evenly dehydrating items. And we should say more quickly than the vertical type. The 360 hot air circulations distribute over the dehydrator and productively dries food by draining inner moisture off.  It shrinks the food but retains 97% of vitamins and minerals, so it is still healthy.

The attached dehydrator temperature chart will help you to choose the appropriate degree. It is scientifically tested that preservation with high heat circulation increases food shelf life by much. And you can monitor the process through the large clear door with a switch magnetic induction function. So, it keeps the heat inside the oven better. 

Safe & Easy Use

The housing and the interior of the model are made of high-quality BPA-free stainless steel. Trays or a dryer rack also can be used to dry food without the use of the dehydrator.

As far as the trays and mesh strainer are removable, they are convenient to clean in your dishwasher machine. Even if warm, it is easy to pick up and remove the plastic handles on the side. The housing Food Dehydrator Machine NutriChef NCFD 10S, the easy-read touch control LED display is simple to change settings, which allows up to 24 hours if needed.

Food Dehydrator Machin
Technical specs Electric Countertop Food

The best choice

If you need a large amount to do at once, having 10 trays make for a good, great way of finishing them. The Food Dehydrator Machin NutriChef NCFD 10S elite dehydrator has a nice stylish design that suits any counter. Finally, the dehydrator is quiet, safe, and easy to store.

Product informationparameters/characteristics of food dehydrator
Key Features 10 stainless steel trays/ digital timing/ countdown timer/ 360° hot air circulation/ memory function/ dishwasher safe, switch door magnetic induction/
Materialstainless steel + glass
Operating ModeLED display
Wattage900 watts
Item Dimensions13.39 x 17.83 x 16.57 inch
Size of tray15.5 x 15.34 inch
Temperature 95 °F to 170 °F (35 °C–75 °C)
Timer30 min -24 hours
Addincluded Mesh Screen & Fruit Roll Sheet/ 50 recipes/ user manual

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.


As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

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