Food Dehydrator VIVOHOME Electric 400W

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How to dehydrate food without any additives for healthy homemade preservation? Enjoy VIVOHOME Electric food dehydrator. Creating it, the producer is concerned about all that you might want. A powerful kitchen unit with a modern design can make preservation an exciting occupation. It allows you to dehydrate fruits, meats, vegetables, and herbs for delicious snacks. Indulge yourself with meat, fish, or poultry jerky, dried apricots and strawberries, and many more thinkable tongue breakers. Also, it is suitable for making great take-along snacks for hunting, fishing, camping, or road trips.

Food Dehydrator
How to dehydrate food

Besides, VIVOHOME Electric 400W food and jerky dehydrators fit if you need to preserve a lot of food at once. A rectangular shape of the device extends the capacity, as also additional trays as a package deal do. Thus, the device has a space for the largest loads of fruits and vegetables.

VIVOHOME Electric Equipment

With 400W power, this dehydrator food removes moisture and locks in your favorite food’s original taste and scents. Even more, the flavor becomes concentrated, especially in sugar. There are five large capacity drying trays in this handy module, which is enough to dry most food items.

To cook more, use three additional trays provided with the appliance. Its unique form also extends the loading volume and lets it space food pieces. Increased productivity will be perfect for those who need to store their harvest right in a fast, easy, and cheap way. Also, dried food needs less space and has a longer shelf life. 

Food Dehydrator
Digital Timer and Temperature Control

Safe and Easy Storage

The base of VIVOHOME Electric 400W8 dehydrators food is made of stainless steel.  The trays are of premium BPA-free plastic. So all preserved food is harmless for your health. Detachable parts of this best-in kitchen machine are dishwasher safe, making it easy and convenient to store and clean. For accurate timing and temperature control, there is a digital LED display screen.

Key featuresRectangular shape/ 6 clear trays/ temperature/ Tim control
Wattage400 watts
Timer0-24 hours
Temperature95°F- 158°F
Size of tray9,5'' x 12'' inch / height: 1,2'' inch (Max)
Operating ModelLED display
MaterialBPA free AS + ABS + PP
Item Dimensions11.4''x 13.2'' inches
Add1 x mesh screen / 1 x fruit roll sheet / user manual

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