Freeze tomato slice is easy — four types of tomato blanks

Frozen tomato slice

Freezing fresh tomato slices, whole, freezing tomato juice is a relief in cooking in the winter. Save time in the kitchen and get a great taste of food like summer from fresh tomatoes.

First, we take some trays or thick cardboard that will fit in your freezer. I took a small baking sheet and covered it with thick cling film. You can take a plastic bag.

Dripping pan
Wrap with cling film oven-tray

Take the and cut it in tomato slice of 4 millimeters; I will leave the tails and the upper part for the sauce and freeze the middle.

Tomato slice
Different tomatoes cut into slices

We will add it later to casseroles, pizza, and other dishes. We cut tomatoes of different sizes, and we also need small ones to cook some interesting dishes.

Tomato slices
Place small tomato slices on the top tier

Arrange in one layer, cover with cling film, and layout the tomato slice in the second layer to make the third row 4 and 5 so that we can freeze everything simultaneously. I freeze small tomatoes with the top layer. They are well suited for hot sandwiches.

sliced tomato
Tomatoes are ready to freeze

Of course, it’s best to put the tomatoes in the freezer at maximum temperature.

cutting tomatoes
Tomatoes in the freezer

Tomatoes slice mix with herbs and pepper

The following frozen tomato slice is my favorite, and it works like a ready-to-use mixture for any stew. For a mix of tomato and pepper, we require fleshy tomatoes from which we cut out the stalk and cut the tomatoes into cubes, a large bell pepper, and a large bunch of parsley.

sliced tomato
Cut the tomatoes into large cubes

If you don’t like the tomato skin, or it is too dense, remove the skin. Scald the tomatoes with boiling water and cut the pulp tomato slice into large cubes. In winter, I like scalded tomatoes more than skins. Next, cut into thin strips of pepper of any color. I had a red and a large bunch of parsley.

Chop pepper and parsley

We mix everything thoroughly in a bowl, put it in containers, and send it to the freezer. Of course, you can still make a label on the lid. You don’t need to add salt: firstly, you can forget and over-salt your main course, and secondly, there is no point in this.

how to store a cut tomato
Place chopped vegetables in containers

Love pepper. Add more pepper! After freezing, tomatoes are preparative in seconds, and also peppers, when defrosting, it cooks instantly. Therefore, we add this mixture at the end of the preparation of the main dish.

Our family loves eggs and tomatoes, they are delicious, and it is for this breakfast that I freeze tomatoes in the sauce. In winter, they took out such a box and heated it in a frying pan, added the eggs, so the shakshuka turned out to be delicious. Yes, and in any other dish, such a preparative works excellent.

how to use frozen tomatoes
Shakshuka, made from a frozen mixture of tomato and pepper

Can you freeze tomato juice?

We need tomato juice, we take fleshy and overripe tomatoes, and I will pass them through a screw juicer. And these remains that remained from the frozen tomato slice, we will also twist them now. It turns out a thick and practically seedless juice. If you still have seeds, strain the liquid.

Pureed tomatoes
The result is thick tomato juice

Such tomato juice is lovely in itself, and in the winter, they took out of the glass, added garlic, some greens, black pepper, and here’s the sauce. Can use it in dishes where tomatoes or tomato sauce. I cover such cups with a film on top and tighten them with an elastic band, press them, and you can put them in the freezer.

Can you freeze juice
Pour tomato juice into any containers for easy freezing

Freezing grape tomatoes in tomato sauce

This type of freezing does not provide for slicing tomato slices, and grape tomatoes are frozen whole.

Freezing grape tomatoes
Freezing grape tomatoes

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freezing grape tomatoes
Pour tomato juice over the cherry tomatoes

I put the plastic containers tightly enough and filled them with thick juice. All blanks were frozen for 24 hours.

Freeze tomato slice
Four types of tomato blanks for freezing

The tomato slice that I froze needs to be folded into a bag. This is how I froze a bag for different casseroles and sandwiches at one time, and this will be enough for the whole winter.

Tomato slice
Frozen tomato preparations

Easy to store food

I like to freeze if there is a half-empty container; you can always add the rest of the vegetables. Even if you have one and a half tomatoes left, you can always cut tomato slice them, and freeze them in layers. Then add chili pepper to these greens; add it next time. All this can be done in the process, and it is not necessary to wait for the next blanks.

freezing for sauce
Frozen tomatoes

How to use frozen tomato slices?

There are no restrictions for all hot dishes for frozen tomatoes. You can safely use them for cooking:

  • Pizza
  • Various soups
  • Vegetable or meat stew
  • Sauces and ketchup
  • Casseroles and lasagna
  • Shakshuka
  • Even tomato juice from frozen tomatoes if there was no time to prepare it in the fall.

How to thaw frozen tomatoes?

Many homemakers do not attach much importance to the technology of defrosting products, and yet compliance with it is a critical condition for preserving their nutritional value.

Tomato slice
Defrost tomatoes correctly

You should adhere to a single fundamental rule: if you need to freeze food as quickly as possible, defrost it as slowly as possible. However, if you overexpose the tomato slice taken from the freezer in a warm place, it will turn into porridge, which should also not be allowed. To determine the best defrosting method, you need to proceed from the purpose for which the product will be used.

For example:

  • Whole frozen tomatoes can be kept at room temperature for about 15 minutes, after which they will be perfectly cut into portions. However, if you plan to remove the skin from such tomatoes, it is better to let them soften completely, but first, put them in a bowl because the juice will begin to flow out of them as they thaw.
  • Pizza tomato slices are not defrosted but laid out on the blank before sending it to the oven. This will help keep the tomatoes round and prevent juicing.
how to use frozen tomat
Tomatoes keep their shape on pizza
  • Puree and juices do not need to be thawed if used in soups. But if the product is to be mixed with cold ingredients, it must be completely defrosted.
  • Tomatoes are added to salads partially thawed and only before serving.

There are 3 possible defrosting methods:

  1. Microwave defrosting mode is the fastest and, according to many experts, the most effective in preserving taste and valuable properties.
  2. The lower shelf of the refrigerator is more suitable for meat or fish but can also be used if you need to liquidate tomato juice or puree by the morning.
  3. Room temperature. Suitable for partial defrosting of frozen tomatoes, whole or in slices. The process is fast enough, so tomato slices do not have time to lose many nutrients.

Convenient when there is a separate freezer for workpieces

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. By clicking on the link, you do not pay extra for anything.

Tomato slice

Four easy ways to freeze tomatoes

Freeze fresh tomatoes in pizza wedges, tomato juice for sauce and soup, tomato cubes with peppers and herbs for stews, cherry tomatoes in juice for casseroles, and meat dishes.
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Prep Time 30 mins
Cook Time 1 d
Total Time 1 d 30 mins
Course Preserving
Cuisine American
Servings 4 method
Calories 22 kcal


  • 4 kg Tomatoes of different sizes and colors
  • 2 kg Grape tomatoes
  • 3 pieces Bell pepper
  • 1 big bunch Parsley


Tomato slice

  • Take a small baking sheet and cover it with thick plastic wrap. You can take a plastic bag.
    Dripping pan
  • Cut the tomato into 4 mm wedges. Arrange in one layer, cover with cling film and lay out the tomato slice in the second layer to make the third row 4 and 5 so that we can freeze everything at the same time.
    sliced tomato
  • Place the baking sheet with tomatoes in the freezer for 24 hours.
    cutting tomatoes

Tomatoes mix with herbs and pepper

  • Cut the tomatoes into large cubes.
    sliced tomato
  • Cut the pepper into thin strips, chop the parsley.
  • Mix everything thoroughly and place in containers for freezing, send to the freezer.
    cutting tomatoes

Freeze tomato juice

  • For tomato juice, take fleshy and overripe tomatoes and run through a juicer or press.
    Pureed tomatoes
  • Pour into serving containers and place in the freezer.
    Can you freeze tomato juice

Freezing grape tomatoes in tomato sauce

  • Place tomatoes in containers and top with tomato juice. Close the lid and send to the freezer.
    freezing grape tomatoes


  • Send all blanks to the freezer for 24 hours.
  • The weight of the ingredients, taken conditionally, you yourself decide how much food you want to freeze.
  • Once frozen, transfer the tomato slices to plastic freezer bags.
  • Set the freezer to the highest temperature, if available.
  • Use in your favorite dishes and savor summer memories.
I wish you creative success in your kitchen!


Serving: 100gCalories: 22kcalFat: 0.2gProtein: 1.1gCarbohydrates: 3.9g
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sliced tomato

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