• Pink Pickled Eggs – Eggs in Pickle Juice Beets

    Pink Pickled Eggs – Eggs in Pickle Juice Beets

    Eggs in pickle juice for salads and appetizers In French cuisine, eggs in pickle juice are ordinary—they with a variety of salads and snacks. There are many ways of pickling eggs: broken shells and peeled, with various spicy and aromatic additives, with a coloring effect from onion husks, turmeric, tea, or beets. Possibilities to transform […]

  • Pitted prunes at home

    Pitted prunes at home

      Preparing pitted prunes is easy and simple at home. Use a food dehydrator to make cooking easier.

  • Apricot Cream Cheese Tart

    Apricot Cream Cheese Tart

      Wonderful summer and sunny shortcrust tart with a delicate creamy curd filling and juicy apricots will greatly decorate any tea party.

  • American Apple Pie

    American Apple Pie

      All-American apple pie cannot be ascribed to any single region of the United States, of course. But this simple pie will always remain in the heart of the country.

  • Lemon pie

    Lemon pie

      Lemon pie is very tender and slightly moist, with a great aroma, but not complicated at all.

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