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What is a wine cooler: Colzer Premium 24 Inch Wine Cooler

Why is Best Buy a wine cooler?

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Probably all of us hear “wine coolers”. And really nowadays more and more people buy this device. So, what is a wine cooler?  Today we will explain to you what this is, which benefits it has, and why it’s the best buy for your kitchen. But first a small question.

What would you prefer: crisp and light white wine or rich red wine? It’s difficult to find a person around the world, who doesn’t like to chill with a glass of wine after a long and tiring workday. If you want your wine cooler drink to keep a deep taste and amazing flavor, you should know some rules of wine preservation.

We used to store wine in our kitchen or in (if you opened it already for one glass) refrigerator. And it’s the biggest mistake. Wine is such an interesting product that needs to be stored following special rules. Did you know, for example, that for wine, the optimal storage temperature is 55 degrees? And most modern refrigerators have an average of 40 degrees. Fridges working to cool products quickly and keeping out humidity. And also refrigerators have pretty high vibrations, which can interrupt the maturation procedure. By the way, not too many fridges have horizontal storage places for high bottles. And it’s significant for wine because if you keep it upright, cork can become dry and oxygen will come inside the bottle and affect the taste. 

Wine cooler drinks
Glass-filled with wine

What is a cooler wine?

Wine cooler for drinks
Wine Refrigerator

Okay, now we understand that wine is a pretty particular drink. To keep it, we need some tricks or a refrigerator. The point is that wine coolers are made especially for the storage of wine and wine cooler drinks. What does it mean?

A wine fridge is the best choice for perfect saving wine cooler drinks. Wine coolers are the best for long-lasting storage and at the same time, they are perfect for aging wine. 

Besides, a big wine cellar can be a problem for every house, but a mini-refrigerator — never. By the way, if you have enough space in your house, you can have a minibar with a wine cooler.

The benefits of wine coolers are obvious, and the easiest thing is that they have many designs (depends on wine cooler drink brands of course) which you can choose for your house!

Colzer Premium 24 Inch 

The Colzer Premium is one of the best members of wine coolers. Small and compact, it has double glass and hollow doors, including a 3 layer light block. Inside it, wine cooler drinks “feel” the same light as it is supposed to be in wine cellars. The air cooling system gets a new level, including a carbon filter system and the best compressor. The wine rack is wooden, which helps your refrigerator keep a nice wood smell even after years. The noise in the refrigerator is low, so it won’t disturb you and the wine inside. Colzer Premium has a portable screen button, includes the memory of temperature, button lock function.

Looking at Colzer Premium, you can clearly understand what is a wine cooler.

What do you have

So by buying Colzer Premium you get a perfectly designed, industrial wine cooler, which you can use for years and enjoy wine cooler drinks. Weight of mini fridge 99.8 pounds (ca. 45 kg) just. And at the same time, the capacity is 120 liters! Easy to set the temperature and control it.

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Technical DetailsModel characteristics
Key features Easy to Install, Carbide Height, Wooden wine rack, 51 bottle wine cooler, Carbon filter, Quiet, ScreenLocker, Extra Height, Adjustable, Compressor refrigeration
Material Glass, stainless steel, wood
ColorBlack, matte
Coiling temperature 41°F-72°F
Noize below 42 dB
Item Weight 99.8 pounds
Capacity120 liters
Dimensions 23.4 x 22.6 x 34
Shelf type Wood
Included components Blue Light

How to Load a Wine Refrigerator

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