Wine and beer fridge – Best buy a mini refrigerator

Wine and beer fridge, what is it for?

Wine and beer fridge, we will tell you why the best thing for your kitchen is to buy a mini-refrigerator Antarctic Star Wine Cooler.

Wine and beer drinks
Cools wine and drinks

In the 21st century, we get used to that in every kitchen, and we have at least one refrigerator.

Modern refrigerators have a lot of possibilities. This helper in your kitchen is perfect for storing cooked food, fresh fruits, vegetables, and drinks. Perhaps it’s impossible to find a house nowadays, which doesn’t have at least one fridge, one of the modernist preservation instruments. Having a fridge at home, not too many people are hunting for other food saver ideas.

But still, a classic refrigerator with all benefits can’t be that universal for all products, unfortunately. Let’s talk about the beloved drink of thousands of people — wine and beer. We all have a couple of bottles of wine for some special celebration or friend’s surprise visit. And not too many people know that to keep the taste and flavor of wine cooler drinks on a high level, we should know some rules of wine preservation.

Refrigerator for storing food
Food storage and cooling

Wine and beer fridge Important temperature regime

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler 879
Cools wine and beer

First, it’s temperature, of course. Most modern refrigerators cool until 40 degrees. Wine and wine cooler drinks recommended storage is 55 degrees. Fridges were intended for quick product cooling and keeping out humidity. Wine coolers reduce the temperature lever slowly and keep wine at the proper degree (the cork is always moist). The fridge’s smells can also seep into the bottle if you keep it too long in the refrigerator.

There are many important things about wine storage and wine cooler drinks, as we can see. But the best thing about modern mini-refrigerators is that they are compact, and the design is classic. 

There are a lot of wine and beer fridge brands. And today we will talk about one of them.

What do you have when buying Antarctic Star Wine Cooler?

Antarctic Star Wine Cooler
Cools wine and drinks

The wine and beer fridge Antarctic Star Wine cooler is a perfect design for your kitchen, family room, or home bar. In general, best buy a mini refrigerator which is full of benefits. The Antarctic Star has a perfect temperature chart that will give your wine a perfect taste and flavor. Besides, the mini refrigerator is a low noise device so that you won’t be disturbed during sleeping in any way.

This pretty small device won’t take too much space, but at the same time holds 24 standard 75 cl bottles. The door is glass, and the frame is a stainless-steel door. The temperature chart is 41-64 degrees. That’s why the mini-fridge gets cool fast and keeps the temperature. Low and quiet vibrations of the Antarctic Star Wine cooler do not mix wine sediment.

A wine and beer fridge, the Antarctic Star Wine cooler, has an electronic control panel. Using a digital thermostat, you can set and check temperatures. And it would be best if you did not open the fridge to do this because both are located on the unit’s exterior. 

Antarctic Star Wine cooler rated power is 65W. Twenty-four standard red or white wine bottles capacity, also perfect for canned beer and beverage storage. It will fit as well as a beverage refrigerator.

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