Wine cooler drinks

Wine cooler drinks – History and interesting facts


Wine cooler drinks

One of the simplest joys in our lives, to have good rest after a long tiring day. Many people prefer to spend this time with the closest people enjoying a glass of wine from a compact wine cooler. People had an opportunity to have this drink at home and have some wine cooler drinks in general. It was a long way before wine came to us exactly as we used to see it.


 Then and now 


Wine is really deeply rooted in the history of the world. And we are not even talking about our civilization. Wine is tied with all human history accurately known until today. Now it is a straightforward thing to enjoy a wine cooler drink.

But let’s travel back in times which are so far from today.

The oldest winery was founded a few years ago in Ancient Armenia. The period existing of this winery is about 4100 B.C. – 4000 B.C.

After one thousand years, the Pharaohs rise to power in Egypt and start preparing substances like wine from red grapes. The drink looks similar to blood, so it becomes prevalent. In those days, Phoenicians, which are close to Pharaohs, learn how to cultivate wine and start spreading it worldwide.

Around 1200 B.C., the Phoenicians started traveling around the Mediterranean and brought wine to the territory, which nowadays is called Israel. Jews began using wine cooler drinks to mark religious ceremonies.

In 145 B.C., the Romans created their own god of wine – Bacchus and made wine a central part of their culture. Same as the Greeks did. So Romans started cultivating wine built on Greek cultivation and creating recognizable and famous vintages ( the most well-known 121 B.C.). The Empire plants grapevines around Europe.

The Roman Empire recognized the Catholic Church and Christianity in 380 years, and wine is getting very important in the sacrament. Catholic Church started focusing on wine production, so many Italian and French monks started working as vintners. Technology has become perfect. If only they had wine coolers, so they could definitely feel another taste of the wine.

Wine cooler drinks in the New World

After almost one thousand years, wine comes to the New World and later to Mexico and Brazil. From these two countries, it travels through all of South America. And in 1554, Spanish missionaries brought it to America, Argentina. In 1788, the first fleet of the UK moved to Australia. They had a stop in South Africa where they took grapes cuttings which will be planted in Australia. 

This is how to spread wine around the world. Every country was improving the cultivation, which is why we have that many types of wine nowadays. Who would think this drink will be easy to find in every home in a wine cooler,  bar, restaurant, and even in wine cooler drinks and cocktails?

Wine cooler drinks
Wine cooler drinks

Wine is a healthy drink: myth or true?

There is a sustainable opinion that a glass of wine per day can benefit our health. 

Red wine or wine cooler drinks supply anti-oxidants that might advertise long life and aid shield against heart problems and damaging swelling, to name a few advantages.

Remarkably red wine most likely has a greater level of anti-oxidants than white. But still, more research is required to recognize better which sorts of wine offer more benefits.

Nonetheless, it’s necessary to keep in mind that alcohol is not too healthy for everybody and is not essential.

What is a wine cooler?

Are our wine coolers (refrigerators)  actually needed?  Wine coolers are just one of the most effective choices for effectively saving your wine and wine cooler drinks long-lasting under optimal conditions to take full advantage of taste and flavor. 

Wine fridges are perfect for long-lasting storage of wine and also permit great wine to age appropriately. If you have purposes rapidly taking in a bottle or more after the acquisition, keeping them in a regular kitchen refrigerator or at room temperature level should be okay.

Wine and wine cooler drinks, unlike soda, juice, and various other drinks, have some storage details. If you have on your mind to keep wine for some month, you should know that storing temperature, moisture, and light are critical because it affects the taste.

And if you have enough space in your house, you can have a minibar with a wine cooler.

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What is the difference between refrigerators and wine coolers?

Wine refrigerator in the interior of the kitchen
Cool drinks

You might be asking, “I have a perfect fridge. Why can’t I store  my wine or wine cooler drinks in it?” This is a logical question. Below are some causes that show you that a refrigerator is not the best choice for wine storage and the best buy—mini-refrigerator.

  • Most refrigerators have an average of 40 degrees. And wine and wine cooler drinks recommended storage is 55 degrees. Fridges were intended for quick product cooling and keeping out humidity. Wine coolers reduce the temperature lever slowly and keep wine at the proper degree (the cork is always moist). 
  • If you keep the wine in the refrigerator too long, smells of food can seep into the bottle. 
  • The vibration of refrigerators can interrupt the maturation procedure.
  • Many refrigerators have upright storage places for high bottles. Wine coolers are created to store wine on its side for better sediment circulation and keep cork from drying out.

Enjoying a glass of wine or wine cooler drink during a celebration, an event with your friends, or taking a break after a tiring day is simple happiness for many people. If you are one of them, preserving wine in a wine cooler is the best decision for you!

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